Bernard St house complete

Things have been so busy the website was left behind, but I am going to start posting a bunch of projects that have been completed since the last post. Keep visiting for more updates!

This house started off as a small mill house close to the Five Points area but has now taken on a new form as a two story, 3,100 SF house with a modern curb appeal.

Mordecai Dr House Complete!

This house is very charming and holds a fascinating secret. There are three floors to this house, but who would know from the street view! An active family of five lives here and needed a little more space to live in. With a little reconfiguration here and a little bump out there, their home was able to adapt to their changing life styles.

New Road House Well Underway


It has been a super busy year already at Pell St Studio as you could probably guess from the radio silence on the website. A lot of projects have finished construction, several more are in the bidding phase, and even more are just starting in design. I will get these updated soon on the website, I promise!

New Road is a great place to start. This house has gone through a major transformation. When the house was originally constructed it was a small mill house which is fairly characteristic of this section of five points. It had been modified and added on to over its lifetime, so much so that it lost any sense of its original aesthetic and characteristics. The new owner came to PELL ST studio looking to breath new life into the house and create an aesthetic that was more modern, but didn’t overwhelm the street and it’s neighbors.

Second Avenue Complete and Move-In Scheduled



What could be a better present than a brand new house ready for move in! The moving vans will pull up to the house next week. The owners and I have been working on this house for exactly a year. We wanted to make sure to give a nod to the existing styles of architecture throughout downtown Knightdale with a little bit of a modern twist. Large wrap around porches surround most of the residence to easily open the interior up to the outside as well as a large screen porch at the rear of the house designed and oriented to maximize the views of the wooded back yard. The downstairs floor plan was created for entertaining and the upstairs was designed for relaxing. Every inch of the house, especially downstairs was designed with areas for storage in mind (both displayed and hidden). Storage and light were the two top priorities for the owners.

Second Avenue Coming out of the Ground!

This brand new house on an undeveloped lot resides in the heart of downtown Knightdale. The owners wanted a house that bridged between 1920’s craftsman and modern construction. They loved the idea of a wrap around porch and interior main floor made for entertaining. Large spacious rooms with numerous windows allow the house feel light and open. A screen porch on the rear of the house is oriented so that it takes in the maximum amount of views of the wooded back yard. The house is framed and windows are in, more photos to come later today and tomorrow. 2014-09-04 11.23.042014-09-04 11.22.34 2014-09-04 11.23.25

Spencer Ct Taking Shape

With an address on one street and front door on another, this house seemed to be suffering from an identity crisis. The active, vibrant family who lives here wanted a change. A more modern appearance with a form that draws one approaching from the main street to move around the corner and come into the new front entry (address street). Inside the house has changed quite a bit as well. A true master suite with a closet to die for has been carved out of spaces that were being under utilized. A family room with a view will be the hot spot for entertaining and relaxing. Construction is well underway and hope to be completed by sometime in October.



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