613 Polk

DSC_0329Final touches. The owners of this great little Oakwood treasure are renovating the last few rooms that need updating. The master bedroom, master bathroom, master closet, wood flooring, lighting, guest bedroom, and decks are included in this project. The master bathroom is planned to be completely gutted and modernized. The existing shower had leaked and caused mold damage to the subfloor. The design for the bathroom was inspired by a boutique hotel atmosphere. The master bedroom will receive a new paint color and new lighting layout to help create a warm and cozy space. The master closet has been reorganized to include his and hers sections. Adjustable shelving and multiple hanging rod heights allow for maximum use of space and storage.

The last portion of this project will be the exterior roof structure and pergola added to the existing decks. This backyard is going to be the place to be in the neighborhood. These structures will create a fabulous atmosphere for entertaining and hanging out with the family outdoors.

Construction has begun!

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