Ashley Henkel Morris, registered architect

306 Pell Street

Raleigh, NC


4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Ashley, I don’t think we’ve met, but we must have mutual friends. I live in Longview and saw your sign in front of the house on King Charles while walking my dogs. So I looked up your website. I recognize some of your project from oakwood. Great work. Very glad to see projects like yours in our neighborhood. There is so much potential over here.
    I’d also like to tell you that I do custom metalwork (mostly steel and stainless). If you ever need to incorporate metal details or features, please consider me. Check out my website. Most of what is represented is forged steel, but I do a good bit of modern work as well. I’m not the cheap guy, but do very clean quality work.
    Hope to work with you sometime, and best of luck with your projects.
    Ben Galata.

    • Hi Ben

      Thanks for reaching out. I would love to hear more about what you do and see some of your work. I am getting to ready to do some updating of projects on our website this week and saw all of these comments that were stacked up for approval. Longview is a great area and we are enjoying working over there. I look forward to meeting you soon, just email to set up a time.


  2. Ashley,

    Hi, I have been seeing your signs all over Oakwood and beyond. You are apparently working for yourself, congratulations! I worked with you when you were at Vernacular and I was at Atlantec Engineers. I also live in the neighborhood at the end of Franklin St. Anyway, I am also working for myself and do a lot of mechanical consulting for residential projects. I do existing equipment evaluations, load calculations for new homes and additions, and mechanical designs. Let me know if you have any projects that I can help you with or if you want to get lunch to discuss how I may be able to assist you and your clients. I hope all is well. Thanks,

    Andrew King, PE, LEED AP

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