2233 Belaire

Bathroom renovation under construction. This bathroom was designed for two modern day jet-setters. With homes in Dubai, Belize, Oregon, and Raleigh NC, this couple needed a master bathroom worthy of their lifestyle. The owners fell in love with this beautiful mosaic glass tile from Oceanside and we used this as our center piece for the design. In order to not break the budget, this tile is used as a “rug” set in a more economical gray porcelain tile field. The “rug” is centered on a European style vanity which has been picture-framed by the doorway as you enter the bathroom. A glamorous porcelain tile wall behind the sink adds a lightness to a somewhat small master bathroom. This tile wraps around and becomes the walls surrounding the new smaller bathtub. The fixtures and layout were designed to make this small existing bathroom feel much larger and create a sense of being far away from home. Room service anyone?


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