523 N. Bloodworth

DSC_0123The 523 Bloodworth project has been an adventure from the beginning! The client is a fun and energetic bachelor who recently purchased the 1896 historic house and was ready to dive head first into overhauling his abode before his move-in date. Three major factors that this home was lacking were a comfortable master suite, a functional guest bedroom, and an open kitchen. Originally designed around a long foyer, the symmetrical layout of the home was a bit inflexible for the more casual lifestyle most of us live today. The grand hallway ended bluntly at a solid wall with a door that led into an awkward subsidiary space. We opened this area up to become a dining room, and added sliding glass full lite doors to create access to the exterior. This also allows a powerful view from the front entry all the way through to the backyard. At the rear of the house, the new kitchen and dining space will open onto a large deck in his urban oasis of a backyard.

Contractor – Carolina Green Building Partners

Photography – PELL ST studio PLLC



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