405 East Street

This 1930’s industrial age house in the heart of Historic Oakwood had suffered extensive fire damage throughout the first floor. Taking this as an opportunity to improve the interior, the owners wanted to create a more open plan and upgrade all the interior finishes. Enlarged cased openings from all major rooms downstairs created the openness that was sought. Light paint colors help make the rooms feel much larger than previous colors.  Stairs and fireplaces were completely redesigned. New hardwood floors were added in the main center hall and two other main rooms. Existing oak floors were sanded and stained a darker color allowing the new floors to blend into the overall floor plan. The existing heart pine floor in the dining room were sanded and refinished with a clear/natural stain. New oak stained to match all the other floors were added as a border around the heart of pine so that the heart pine became a feature in the dining room instead of looking out of place in an all oak floor house. The stairs were designed to contain custom built shelves and cabinets to create a beautiful display of art work and other collectibles. The treads were stained to match the rest of the flooring and the handrail was stained to match. Double 3/4 glazed doors were added to the dining room to allow both light and access out to the exterior patio. Exterior colors were changed to a more modern color palette to complete the transformation of this amazing house.

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