Construction well underway at 315 Pell

Drywall , hardwood floors, doors, trim, and tile have all been installed.  Paint colors are going up on the exterior and samples have been applied to the interior walls.  Barn doors are being designed and created for the master bedroom.  The screened porch is being trimmed out this week.  Millwork  for the family room is also starting this week.  As more interior finishes are being installed, one can see the final design begin to take shape and the  owner’s excitement begins to build.

A cool discovery was made last week when the contractor’s crew demoed the existing hearth that had been built during the 90’s. Under the flooring around the now exposed hearth, you can clearly see where the original wall was for the living room and the indications of a fireplace that served four rooms which is common for the 1915 floor plan. Sometime during the 90’s the dividing wall was removed between the living area and the dining room to create a wide open space. In doing this, they removed two sides of the 4 sided fireplace. In their place, they created one large wood burning fireplace to accommodate the large living area. It is truly amazing the things that you find through out a renovation project of an older home.

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